About Clinic of Calm

Kyla Sheppard is known as a 2nd Generation Psychic Medium. She is also an Intuitive Artist & Facilitator, as well as being a very experienced Reiki Master and Counsellor. Clinic of Calm was born in the mid 1990’s as Kyla continued to study and develop further, whilst raising her young children and working in the family New Age store. Always exceptionally passionate about crystals, orgonite and healing the clinic has expanded in recent years to allow this to fully reflect the commitment to excellence and knowledge in this area. Kyla is passionate about her work and is most comfortable when she's helping people or sharing her knowledge and insight to provide clarity and inspiration in her own unique, down to earth style with humour and compassion. Interested in the Psychic Arts & Intuitive Sciences for many years, Kyla first started having spiritual experiences at just 11 years of age. Over the years she has practised and utilised many modalities of alternative healing and self development work. Like many people, adversity and trauma have helped shape the person Kyla is today. She has used these circumstances to build her resilience, empathy and strength. It is this resilience and empathy that enables her to relate to people of all ages, races and creeds, living all lifestyles and from all walks of life with the utmost respect and compassion and free from judgement, sprinkled with her own unique sense of humour and down to earth nature.


Psychic Readings are an opportunity to receive guidance and direction.


Reiki is "tapping into" the Universal Life Energy A powerful transformative tool that is relaxing, invigorating and effective on a variety of ailments, conditions, and illness.

Crystal Healing

Crystal therapy can treat the mind, body and spirit; accessing both the etheric bodies and physical to ease the issue or symptom.

Spiritually Guided Surgery

This method of healing is wonderful to treat a variety of illness and dis-ease, as well as being highly recommended for treatment of emotional issues.

House Clearing

People often require clearings or a severing also, usually for similar reasons. This can also assist after traumatic situations or relationships, even after witnessing upsetting events. It is beneficial in ending karmic connections or unhelpful past life energy.

Animal therapy

Many Doctors and Veterinarian's also attest to the complimentary nature they give to traditional medicine.