Elite Shungite & Flourite Infuser Pack

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Shungite is an excellent protection against EMF, brain fog and much more. Highly regarded for its ability to purify water due to its high carbon content. This versatile bio magnet is a must have for serious collectors.

Shungite Is known to remove organic and inorganic substances as well as harmful bacteria such as Ecoli and heavy metal from contaminated water.

Found only in Russia it has been used in water filters for many decades due to its revitalising effects. Studies performed have shown that the water purification effects assist gastrointestinal issues, kidney stones, a variety of skin conditions and benefits many more ailments.

Shungite has 3 varieties with Elite, sometimes referred to as Noble or Royal Shungite, being the purest.

These packs are designed to infuse your drinks to remove impurities and detoxify. Simply add your Shungite to the infuser cage and allow it to sit in your drink. These packs contain enough Shungite to infuse up to 750mls, so can also be added to water bottles.

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