Pain Balm Practitioner Pot

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Pain Balm is a Clinic of Calm product designed to alleviate and prevent pain, especially treating inflammation. Your Anti inflammatory, analgesic, antiseptic with moisturising properties.Using natural ingredients to reduce inflammation, stimulate the nerves for an analgesic response and target the muscles, nerves and joints.

Excellent for:

Pain & Inflammation – apply generously to the area of concern, massage for 2-4 minutes. Pain relief will follow and inflammation should subside.

Plantar Fasciitis – apply a generous layer to the soles of the feet and ankle area, massage in for 5 mins or more. Be careful not to slip due to balm residue.

Muscle Problems – use prior to activity to prevent muscle strain and injury. Warm area with hot shower or heat pack prior to application for most intense treatment. Apply liberally to areas effected and massage for 2-4 minutes. Treat 4-6 times daily.

Arthritis – apply to affected area liberally to treat joint stiffness, swelling and pain as needed. Can be used in combination with heat packs for added relief. Use 4 times daily or as needed.

Bursitis – apply to affected area liberally as needed. Can be used in combination with heat packs for added relief.

Strains & Sprains – fabulous to reduce pain and inflammation, as well as promote

Headache – to treat headache or migraine, rub a small amount onto the temples, apply liberally to the neck and shoulders. Can be repeated after 5-10 mins to increase the relief by layering.

Chest Complaints – for treatment of coughs, colds and flu rub onto chest, soles of the feet and back area. Put a teaspoon into a bowl of boiling hot water and inhale for 5-10mins. Repeat 3/4 times daily.

Toothache – apply to the area outside the mouth to reduce swelling and pain, can be used down onto the neck area also. For intense pain repeat after 5 mins.

Massage – Pain Balm is a beautiful massage balm, and can be warmed slightly to provide a smooth lubricant packed with nutrients and benefits as well as naturally occurring moisturising properties.

Directions: Apply liberally to the effected area and rub in well to treat and prevent pain and swelling. Do not apply to open wounds

Please note: The hotter the area being treated the hotter the treatment will feel when applied. Heat sensation should subside after after10mins. If you enjoy the heat and relief it provides, either apply a heat pack prior to use or have a shower. If you prefer a cold application and find the treatment provides the warm sensation, cool the area being treated prior to use.


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