Chromatherapy is the usage of color to alter our mental and physical states. Scientific research reveals that color can greatly influence the condition of our emotions and health, as well as causing positive reactions in our minds and bodies.

In Crystal Chroma Cryo-Thermotherapy your healer uses colour, crystal, temperature and light to achieve a unique shift in your mental, physical and spiritual bodies.

Once on the table your body is relaxed using traditional healing techniques. After this is achieved, various crystals that have been warmed to an optimum temperature are placed over the body. At times your practitioner may use massage strokes as directed by your or their guides. All sessions include a chakra balance and restore.

This is a lovely gentle treatment that will leave you feeling nurtured, revived and ready to take on the day 😊 Channelled and developed by Master healer Kyla Sheppard, now being taught across Australia. Suitable for all ages and conditions