People can require a house clearing for a variety of reasons. For some it is simply to remove persistant negative energy. This energy residue may be present from previous occupants, traumatic situations that happened there, burglary remnant energy or a number of other situations that have left undesirable feelings present.

It can be beneficial to carry out a clearing in your home if a death has occurred there, and in a few cases it is required due to spirits within the home.

Rarely do these spirits represent anything dangerous but many people are uncomfortable with the notion of sharing their home in this manner and who could blame them!

The site clearing itself is conducted at your relevant location, unless opting for a remote session, by either one or two psychic practitioners and parapsychologists, depending on your circumstances.

Kyla is a trained Parapsychologist, this is the study, measure of existence, and cause of psychic activity and paranormal phenomena in it’s various forms and modalities.

People often require clearings or a severing also, usually for similar reasons. This can also assist after traumatic situations or relationships, even after witnessing upsetting events. It is beneficial in ending karmic connections or unhelpful past life energy.

One of the most common request for a clearing or severing is to treat psychic attachments or unwanted energy. A clearing or severing can be done in person or remotely.

Due to the unique nature of each situation it is requested you contact the clinic direct to discuss your needs.