Psychic Readings are an opportunity to receive guidance and direction. Kyla provides clarity to reveal a clearer path for you in her direct, honest style. Kyla is a respected 2nd generation Psychic Medium who has worked both interstate and internationally for many years.

Readings include extensively consulting the tarot, in a deluxe session Kyla allows spirit to guide her in choosing oracle cards for you too. Numerology is also included in every session, as it provides in depth information; as well as highlighting aspects of your life and current situation.

Spirit is always given a voice and an opportunity to deliver messages, however it can’t be guaranteed that the person you want to come through necessarily will. Though spirit almost always do make their presence felt, it is suggested that we leave our expectations at the door.

Over the decades Kyla has been giving psychic direction and readings there have been many amazing insights and connections. We have many testimonials and reviews on our Facebook page.

Kyla describes the way spirit work with her as “Impressing upon me feelings, thoughts, physical sensations, memory of places and events. Sometimes smells are present, visions and always chatter. They’re all very unique to their own character and personality traits. As above, so below so to speak. Even animals come through, so it rarely gets boring!”