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Are you looking for something with sacred power and healing that can help you divert your true energies into actions? Well, then you are in the right place. This is because we have ‘Agni Manitite’ for you. What is Agni Magnetite? 

Agni Magnetite is the newly discovered gemstone that has plentiful sacred powers that will assist you in your energy utilizing acts of life.

Believed to enhance connection to other worlds and strengthen bio-magnetic fields around the body.

Firstly, the name ‘Agni Magnetite’ is derived from Lord Agni (God of fire) and so, is this said to have the valor and charm of fire. 

It is found in the Indonesian archipelago. 
The Agni Magnetite in simple appears like a dark colored semi transparent gravel stone and so; there is a possibility that not many people recognize its value. It is usually available in 30mm x 23mm with a rough body. 
The color and the texture of this gemstone that almost appears like gravel stones are actually precious and quite rare. 
This gemstone is also known as the teardrop from the moon. 
Having such sacred importance, this gemstone is used by the people that indulge in divine activities to increase vibration, spiritual development and attain higher communication.
Seeming to be like any other stone on the ground, the Agni Manitite works great for people that are looking for a boost in their lives. 
Records of this gemstone say that it efficiently absorbs any kind of negativity from life, of course making it highly desirable. 

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